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For fans of Philip K. Dick, Blake Crouch, and Chuck Palahniuk comes a mind bending story like no other.

Sarah and Sam have never met, yet both women begin to have dreams and visions of each other's lives. As these experiences increase in intensity and frequency, they struggle to keep a grip on reality. Fearing for their sanity, Sarah and Sam embark on a quest for answers.

When they begin to put the pieces together, Sarah and Sam draw the attention of a shadowy organization who may hold the key to what is happening to them. Now, running for their lives, the women will discover that their connection has larger implications than anyone could imagine.

[Reader Reviews]

"This story has a lot of twists and turns and heart pounding moments where you think everything will unravel just to be drawn deeper into the story." - Matt W.

"I am blown away by how much I liked this book. Mirrors is a thought-provoking, psychological thriller of a scifi story that had me hooked from the first chapter." - DTM

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In this mind-bending sequel, Divide Theory offers a mysterious and thought-provoking storyline, with dynamic new characters and plenty of unexpected twists.


Sarah and Sam globe-trot to Scotland and otherworldly dimensions, using their unique connection to each other to unravel the secrets of the shadowy forces that threaten the freedoms of the American people and the greater world. As the Davis-Brennan Institute works to understand the connection phenomenon, Sarah and Sam manifest their abilities to new heights. Things turn dangerous for the girls and their loved ones when they discover the multi-faceted plot of their foes. As they work to stay ahead of their enemies, can the two maintain their bond and stay alive?

[Excerpt from Divide Theory]

“Oh, I see. That's an interesting theory Chip.” Sam smiled. She would continue to play dumb for a little longer. She wanted to understand the way Chip saw the world. It was a fascinating perspective. She thought she understood what he meant by magic, by the miraculous ways that things connected to each other, like when two complete strangers came together, heart and mind, like they had known each other all their lives.

Magic to Sam was a coming together of individual parts to form something bigger than each part could be alone. It wasn’t making something from nothing, no, those were tricks, illusions, like pulling a rabbit out of a hat, though magic appeared that way sometimes. She wondered how many other people were experiencing this phenomenon and what explanations they had for it."

[Reader Review]

"Continuing our journey with Sarah and Sam was seamless from Mirrors and kept the pages turning. The mystery combined with science made you want to keep going to learn more about what was happening in their world. Imagery combined with careful emotional wording painted each character and scene as if you were watching a movie as you read. Most definitely would recommend Divide Theory for those who are looking for a great read that keeps you wanting more!" - Brittanie Hewitt


Poems “Tree” and “She Eats”

Published in 2012 edition of Written River Journal of Eco-Poetics by Hiraeth Press

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